Therapy is a process by which the client is able to identify and build on current strengths, learn problem solving strategies and develop prosocial coping strategies to manage life’s difficulties. In therapy, both the therapist and the client have active roles. My goal, as your therapist, is to provide a comfortable and supportive environment conducive to insight and change. As a client, your role will be to identify goals that you would like to achieve during the course of therapy and be willing to examine potential obstacles and/or strengths that may hinder or help you move toward achieving your goals. The benefits to participating in therapy are great, though there are some risks involved. Risks are usually limited to experiencing some temporarily uncomfortable feelings during sessions, such as sadness, anger and frustration. Despite the risks, in many cases, therapy has been shown to successfully reduce distress and assist in the resolution of many interpersonal difficulties. I am unable to make any guarantees about how the therapy process will be for you specifically.

During our first session, I will conduct a thorough assessment including background information, history, strengths, areas of concern or in which you struggle and, of course, your goals for treatment. If you choose to continue working with me, after the initial assessment, follow up sessions can be scheduled and will last approximately 45 minutes each. During follow up sessions, you will have an opportunity to share thoughts, feelings and perceptions on how you are progressing toward your goals. An important part of therapy will be to practice new skills and monitor certain behaviors/thoughts as they arise. There may be times when you are asked to do “homework” in between sessions. This varies based on the nature of our work together.

Although you may terminate therapy whenever you wish, it is often helpful to have at least one session together where we can summarize your progress and define any work that remains. I am glad to provide referrals (if necessary) upon request during our final session together.